About me

Professionally, I’m a communications specialist working predominantly in the not-for-profit sector. I am also a director of the creative sector research and advocacy firm Future Tense. I have previously worked for the Cranlana Programme, a not-for-profit ethics organisation and my background is in public relations and strategy. Have a look at LinkedIn if you’re interested in the history.

Musically, I am one half of the heavy electronics duo Dead Boomers and one third of the Sabbatical record label. I used to play bass in the now defunct noise rock group True Radical Miracle and (even further back in time) the art punk band George W. Bush. I’ve played music and put on shows since I was teenager in Stawell, in regional Victoria. This has been the primary focus of my spare time and resources for most of my life.

Personally, I am part of a small family that includes my partner Natasha and sons Max and Hugo.

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