A tax-deductible way to support experimental music

The 50/50 event at the 2009 What Is Music? Festival

As the end of the financial years lumbers toward us, an unstoppable force of accounting and bookkeeping, the mind invariably turns to tax – and how best to minimise it. The What Is Music? Festival, arguably the foundation of Australia’s vibrant and active experimental music community, has partnered with the Australian Business Arts Foundation to get Deductible Gift Recipient status. This means any donations made to Festival work as a tax write-off.

From the What Is Music? website:

After a year’s hiatus, What Is Music? has secured essential funding from the Australia Council to bring the Festival to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne this year. However, further funding is still needed to ensure the Festival can offer a vibrant and challenging program.

There are many opportunities that are not realised due to the combination of limited resources and the logistical challenges faced traversing a country as expansive as Australia. In particular, the ability to invite international performers and extend the touring of the Festival to other metropolitan and regional centres.

In an effort to remedy this situation What Is Music? has partnered with the Australian Business Arts Foundation to provide a way for supporters a tax-deductible way of donating to this year’s Festival. Donations can be made to AbaF’s Australia Cultural Fund, which will in pass the donation on to the Festival

The partnership with AbaF is something more and more smaller arts organisations and projects are doing so they can offer tax deductible donations under the Australian Cultural Fund. It’s a fantastic idea, as establishing DRG status independently is quite onerous and beyond the means of most artists. It’ll be interesting to see what the Harold Mitchell-chaired Federal Government review into funding in the arts comes up with.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a worthwhile home for any spare change you have in the final moments of the 2011 financial year, I would implore you to consider a donation to the What Is Music? Festival. You can do it online via the AbaF site.

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