A lot has happened in the 18 or so months since I last paid this site any attention. First, my son Max was born. Second, I joined a start-up agency—The Good Copy—and transitioned out of freelancing.

The business provides a range of creative content services (copywriting, video production, communications strategy, video production, social media management) and I am the agency’s strategist. My number is still 0411 055 299 and you can email me at leith@thegoodcopy.com.au. If you’re in need of any kind of communications services, you should hit me up there.

The adjustment to parenthood and full-time work has taken some time—hence the lack of any kind of movement on this site of the last year. I am hoping 2014 brings more opportunity for writing on this platform. Now it no longer functions as a promotional vehicle for my services (a goal it never quite lived up to) I’ll be using it to collate a range of my activities—professional, personal and musical. I’m also attempting to teach myself code, and this WordPress site will act as my canvas.

I’m well aware this site has no regular readership. This post is a marker in time. Something to note the point at which things changed. It’s not important in any way other than historical. To that end, here’s a picture of my family, taken by Bonnie Savage six weeks after Max was born.

Onward and upward (whatever that means in this context).