Bound For Glory at Make It Up Club

This Tuesday night Bound For Glory perform at Make It Up Club. On this instance Bound For Glory will comprise Mark Groves, Sean McMorrow and myself. The show is also something of deconstructed True Radical Miracle reunion, with Scott O’Hara teaming up with Kynan Lawlor and Evelyn Morris performing in a new trio called Yag Yok.

Here’s what Make It Up Club’s Lloyd Honeybrook wrote about it all:

This week at MIUC we showcase three groups of performers who deftly straddle the miraculous territory between popular artforms and truly radical sound production, in a night full of sounds variously mellifluous and brutal. Chris Rainier crafts resonant sonic spheres with lap steel, Morgan McWaters negotiates audible textures with synths (and vice versa), Ev Morris resounds drum chambers and bronze discs, and has promised “extra added effects”: together they are Yag Yok. Scott O’Hara & Kynan Lawlor have long been co-deliberating the nature of sound and how to best employ it, and are kind enough to invite you to witness the temporary culmination of a decade and a half of thought being exerted upon twelve metal strings. And Bound for Glory flex their formidably venomous capacity for thermionic acrimony, as bruitistes Mark Groves and Leith Thomas rope in Radical Creation-ist Sean McMorrow to vent 2014’s signature bellicose malaise via contemptuous disregard for the most unfavourable noisemachines they can muster

The details:

• Yag Yok feat. Ev Morris (Drums, Voice), Chris Rainier (Lap Steel) & Morgan McWaters (Modular Synth)
• Bound for Glory feat. Mark Groves (Worst Electronics On Hand), Leith Thomas (Worst Electronics On Hand) & Sean McMorrow (Worst Electronics On Hand)
• Scott O’Hara (Guitar) & Kynan Lawlor (Guitar)

Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start. Cost is $10 ($5 concession).

Make It Up Club happens every Tuesday at Bar Open (317 Brunswick Road, Fitzroy) and is Melbourne’s longest running avant garde / imrpov / sound night.

Facebook event here.

This recording comes from the first Bound For Glory set performed by Mark and myself at the Melbourne Edition of the 2013 International Noise Conference: